Pompeii day Tour
  • Pompeii day Tour
  • Pompeii day Tour
  • Pompeii day Tour
  • Pompeii day Tour


Guide language:   English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Tour Duration:   3/4 hours
Tour driver language:   English, Italian
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Pompeii day Tour

A journey to take you back through time
A walk amongst the excavation of pompeii is a unique experience to capture the feeling of life in ancient timePompeii was a roman commercial centre that was fully covered by the thick layer of ashes, pomice and rocks after the destructive eruption of the 79 a.d. of the volcano vesuvio. Nowaday, it is one of the most fascinating testimonies of roman civilization and it is a snapshot of art, costume, livelihood and daily life of ancient times.
The typology of this volcanic materials that has preserved notonly the architecture structures of buildings but even what was inside the houses, luxurious or humble like bottles, amphoras, glassware and ovens. Stores, even the bodies whose casts immortalize the agony of those moments. It is exacltly like it used to be before the cathastrofic explosion of mount vesuvius.

Today pompei is not fully discovered, but numerous and fascinating are the places that deserve a visit. It offers to its visitors a pretty complete image of the lifestyle of the time, with the forum, the streets of the old market, the thermal area and the villas. The area of forums represente the ideal starting point for a visit of the city to immediately see the beating heart of pompeii’s life. Allaround are the temple of apollon, the temple of jupiter, the forum baths.

Other fascinating places are the stabiane baths ( the oldest of pompeii), that during the golden era was the most “in“ area of the city. The numerous private homes like the house of fauno, the house of amorini dorati, the house of centenaries and the majestic amphitheater. The macellum ( market ) that covered fresh produce meat and fish stands. Nearby via dell’ abbondanza ( road of abundance ) the main artery of the city along which are all sorts of business plied their trade, craftsmen, inns and laundries. Not far the famous brothel a two floor building whose the true purpose was revealed by the many erotic frescoes graffiti and paintings.
At last a mention of the villa of mistery representing an extremely important painting cycle where the interpretation of meaning is still under discussion.
Definetely, pompeii shows a piece of past from a very fascinating historical period and it can’t be missed!

Nearby, in the area we will take a lunch in a local winery that allows you to discover the typical flavors and wines of naples region

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