Day tour of Pompeii and Naples
  • Day tour of Pompeii and Naples
  • Day tour of Pompeii and Naples
  • Day tour of Pompeii and Naples
  • Day tour of Pompeii and Naples
  • Day tour of Pompeii and Naples

Day tour of Pompeii and Naples

The perfect symbiosis of Art, Culture, Architecture, Archeology for a memorable journey through the past
The oldest Capital of Western Europe
The city where history, legends and traditions merge with hospitality and beauty to leave the visitors speechless.
The City of the Sun, the Sea, the Pizzas and others. Naples has always been known as the city of the pizza and mandolin, Naples is a City of unique hospitality, it is also one of the few cities that for better or worse every one knows all about in the past and in the present.
The tour of Naples is full of beautiful places to visit, and the person that will accompany you will make the impossible because your tour will be enjoyable, unique and unforgettable.
The historic center of Naples where you will find the History, Art, Culture and the Architecture it is an enormous treasure and consists churches, cloisters, palaces, monuments, to start from Piazza del Gesù, with the Monastery of S. Chiara and the church of Jesus to follow the famous Via Spaccanapoli, the area where it was founded Neapolis.
And how much beauty exists in the Naples area, there is also another unique spectacle in the world and is the famous Napoli sotterranea “the Underground City”, which has almost the same size as the city.
Continuing for about one mile you will reach and Approaching towards the center of the Town to the charming Piazza Plebiscito where you can admire the Royal Palace and the Basilica of St. Francesco di Paola. When Plebiscite Square is crossed, you will find Theatre S. Carlo the oldest opera house in Italy (1737) and Galleria Umberto, to arrive at Piazza Municipio where you can observe Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino) and Palazzo St. Giacomo, the Town Hall.
The waterfront is perhaps the element that characterizes the city because it is visible in many prints, crowded in summer and beautiful in the winter, thanks to the monumental public gardens and the enchanting spectacle that gives us the gulf with the background of Mount Vesuvius.
And it is along the promenade Caracciolo, you can visit one of the most important castles still perfectly preserved, such as the Castel dell’ovo. Other castles instead, which are far away from the waterfront and are of great beauty are Castel Sant’Elmo and the monastery of San Martino, which, although distant from the sea, thanks to their favorable position to offer the visitor unique, spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples.

Posillipo hill provides an overview of Naples and all its worldiwe famous Bay overlooking islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida, Mount Vesuvius and Sorrento Peninsula.A walk amongst the excavation of Pompeii is a unique experience to capture the feeling of life in Ancient Time

Pompeii was a Roman commercial centre that was fully covered by the thick layer of ashes, pomice and rocks after the destructive eruption of the 79 A.D. of the Volcano Vesuvio. Nowaday, It is one of the most fascinating testimonies of Roman Civilization and it is a snapshot of art, costume, livelihood and daily life of Ancient times. The typology of this volcanic materials that has preserved notonly the Architecture structures of buildings but even what was inside the houses, luxurious or humble like bottles, amphoras, glassware and ovens. Stores, even the bodies whose casts immortalize the agony of those moments. It is exacltly like it used to be before the cathastrofic explosion of Mount Vesuvius.

Today Pompei is not fully discovered, but numerous and fascinating are the places that deserve a visit. It offers to its visitors a pretty complete image of the lifestyle of the time, with the Forum, the streets of the old market, the Thermal area and the Villas. The area of Forums represente the ideal starting point for a visit of the City to immediately see the beating heart of Pompeii’s life. Allaround are the Temple of Apollon, the Temple of Jupiter, the Forum Baths.
Other fascinating places are the Stabiane Baths ( the oldest of Pompeii), that during the Golden era was the most “In“ area of the City. The numerous private homes like the House of Fauno, the House of Amorini Dorati, the House of centenaries and the Majestic Amphitheater. The macellum ( market ) that covered fresh produce meat and fish stands. Nearby Via Dell’ Abbondanza ( road of abundance ) the main artery of the City along which are all sorts of business plied their trade, craftsmen, inns and laundries. Not far the famous Brothel a two floor building whose the true purpose was revealed by the many erotic frescoes graffiti and paintings.
At last a mention of the Villa of Mistery representing an extremely important painting cycle where the interpretation of meaning is still under discussion.
Definetely, Pompeii shows a piece of past from a very fascinating historical period and it can’t be missed!


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